Summary: Save Medicare and Social Security, Support National Family Leave, Support Worker Protections, Disagree with Middle and Working Class Paying For Tax Cuts For Top 1%

As a working parent, I know how important it is that we take measures to ensure that working Nebraskans have a voice in Washington D.C. I want to promote really good policies, so they may become law in 2019. Before I can start realistically talking about these programs, I want to emphasize the fact that the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanently dropped the corporate tax rate. This tax rate decrease will create a huge burden on the federal budget, creating just over $1.4 trillion dollar burden over the next 10 years.  Some Americans will see a tax break in the first few years, but by 2027, 53% will be paying more.  I won’t stand for working class Americans paying for tax breaks for the top 1%. I will remedy this error when I am in office. I believe in better tax relief for the working class.

With the rising deficit, we are looking at potential cuts to Medicare, and Social Security.  I promise to try to save these programs, now, and for future generations. I also support a national paid family leave program.

I will fight for the American worker. Part-time and hourly employees are disproportionately affected by unpredictable schedules. I will push hard to pass legislation that regulates work-scheduling practices by requiring employers to notify workers of their schedules in advance, and by allowing employees to request scheduling accommodations without retaliation.

Our campaign is run by people who work, not career politicians. We understand what is at stake if we don’t fight back against political corruption and policies that burden hardworking Americans.